Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My College Essay/Poem

Writing our college essays was actually one of the first assignments our class had this senior year. I wrote a college essay before we were assigned to do it for class but I ended up writing this new one.

I wanted my college essay to be a reflection of myself, which I think a college essay is suppose to show. When I wrote my essay I was aiming for funny even though the topic was really serious.

As part of our senior portfolios we had to include a memoir or personal writing so this is what I'm showing as a part of my writing.

So here's my college essay. For the colleges that accepted me, I think they got a good sense of who I am through my essay.

College Essay

But my favorite creative writing had to be this poem I wrote where we had to mimic the writing style of the poets that we did reserch papers on. It was fun I really liked the way it came out.

Poem Like Suhier Hammad

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